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Aluminum Oxide Finish for Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

The industry standard for hard wearing finish for strand woven bamboo flooring is 6 or more coatings of aluminum oxide. The preferred supplier is Friedrich Klumpp Gmbh who have been making flooring products since 1919. It is not possible to buy Klumpp finish independently for those interested in re-finishing their floor. However, ‘Trek Plus’ by Absolute Coatings is the next best thing.

There is, however, a lot of anecdotal content on the internet to be found about the dangers of aluminum oxide. People complain that it is a toxic heavy metal and others point to the 1960s research that links aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease.

Firstly, a large part of the Earth’s crust is composed of aluminum oxide so obviously some exposure to aluminum is not only inevitable but also in the case of most people quite benign.

Secondly, since those 1960s experiments scientists have failed to re-create the results which link aluminum to the cause of Alzheimer’s. Alz.org categorically discredits the results of the 1960s experiments and points out also that aluminum is in our drinking water, beer, tea and baked products. It is impossible to measure the amount of lifetime exposure to aluminum and so it is also impossible to study exactly the effect if any of aluminum on our health.

For those wishing to be cautious, water based finishes are getting better and better and perhaps doing a bit more re-finishing is a small price to pay for keeping a small (if unproven) danger out of the house. You can now buy Bona Naturale Industrial mat lacquer that does a good job on strand woven bamboo flooring.