Humidity and Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Check with your dealer carefully about suitable humidity levels for your strand woven bamboo flooring. Humidity is the amount of water vapor that is in the air. It is measured in two ways. One as absolute humidity (the amount of water in grams that one cubic meter of air holds) and relative humidity (the percentage of the absolute humidity). Thus, at 15 degrees centigrade the absolute humidity is 30.4 grams of water per cubic meter. At 50% relative humidity that means the air contains 15.2 grams of water per cubic meter.

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Preventing Scratches to Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Even the hardest and most expensive hardwood floors will get scratched by particles if not properly cared for. And even though strand woven bamboo flooring is very dense, hard and durable it too will get scratched if not properly maintained.

Particles are small pieces of dirt, grit, rock, gravel and plastic that people inadvertently carry in in their clothes or on their shoes into the house. These particles find their way onto your strand woven bamboo flooring and then when a person or pet walks on these particles they scrap them against your flooring and scratch it.

The best way to prevent scratching to strand woven bamboo flooring is to make people take their shoes off by the door when they enter your house. Provide a shoe box and guest slippers to make people more inclined to remove their particle laden shoes before they step on your strand woven bamboo flooring.

On the same theme, it is a good idea to put mats by every outside door so it can catch particles. It is important to shake these mats out frequently.

Next, it is important to clean your strand woven bamboo flooring twice a week to prevent the built up of particles on the surface of the floor. Use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean the floor.

Check your furniture protectors once in a while to make sure they are defeating their purpose by harboring particles that are liable to scratch your strand woven bamboo flooring if dragged across the room.

And finally, don’t be tempted to wax your strand woven bamboo flooring because particles will build up in the wax over time and then when someone walks on a piece of waxed flooring containing particles they will damage the bamboo flooring.

Beware of particles.

Repairing Scratches in Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

There are three main alternatives for repairing scratches in strand woven bamboo flooring.

  • Using a ‘miracle scratch remover’.
  • Using a scratch repair kit from the manufacturer where you bought your strand woven bamboo flooring.
  • Using a stain pen and wood putty.

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Antibacterial Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo has a ‘kun’ substance that naturally fights off pathogens and pests when it is growing. This means bamboo can be grown organically.

This ability to fight pathogens in living bamboo has been shown to remain in bamboo after it has been cut and turned into other products.

There has been extensive testing of bamboo fabric for its antibacterial properties. Several studies have shown that bamboo fabrics have resisted various bacterial strains that have been introduced. It appears that the anti-fungal agent in living bamboo causes some remarkable properties to appear in bamboo made products. Already there is a great deal of talk of bamboo fabrics being used in hospitals. Bamboo fabric socks have been most effective in helping cure people of athletes foot.

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Companies with Environmental Certification

Despite bamboo being able to grow fast and being able to be grown without pesticides, the bamboo world industry is not without it share of environmental problems.

Bamboo is growing in popularity around the world as a material to not only make flooring but also furniture, kitchen ware and other consumer products. Many livelihoods, particularly in South East and East Asia are connected to the burgeoning bamboo industry.

This has inevitably led to unsound environmental practices such as cut clearing and the heavy use of pesticides. In many areas vast swathes of forest has been cleared by farmers to grow bamboo. This monoculture farming is destroying the natural habitat of many animals and destroying the balance of eco-systems. Soil erosion is occurring. Soil is becoming higher in toxicity. Water sources are being polluted.

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Bamboo is brilliant

There are so many reasons why bamboo is brilliant and that’s why I’ve made this website – to tell you about the amazing qualities of Bamboo. How useful and versatile bamboo is and, primarily, to try and persuade you to not buy hardwood flooring, but instead purchase strand woven bamboo flooring.