Making Strand Woven Bamboo

Usually, ‘moso’ bamboo that is commonly found in China is used to make strand woven bamboo. The matured bamboo stalks are cut and then boiled to remove the sugars (which are a termite attractant).  Next extreme pressure is applied along with an environmentally friendly bonding agent. All of the bamboo stalk is used so there is no waste. The result is a plank of strand woven bamboo that looks like regular timber. Because the stalk strips were compressed wide edge face up the growth rings are clearly visible in the finished plank. Normally the strand woven bamboo is cut into 6 foot long planks.

The strand woven bamboo plank can be handled like regular hardwood. It is nearly twice as dense as regular vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring planks.

Strand woven bamboo flooring comes in three main styles. The first is natural. This means that the strand woven plank hasn’t been carbonised.

natural strand woven bambooNatural strand woven bamboo has a pale elegant look with a light wood-like grain. Strand woven bamboo is carbonised by steaming the bamboo so the remaining sugars become caramelized and turn the bamboo a richer browner colour. Many people find carbonised strand woven bamboo more attractive.

carbonised strand woven bamboo The only disadvantage of carbonised strand woven bamboo is that is less hard than natural strand woven bamboo. In some cases 30% of hardness can be lost by the carbonising process. Still carbonised strand woven bamboo is still harder than regular horizontal or vertical bamboo. The third type of strand woven bamboo is often called ‘tiger stripe’ because of its distinctive stripey design. The design is striking. It is made by combining natural and carbonised bamboo.

tiger stripe strand woven bamboo


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