Different Styles

Here are some thumbnails showing the wide variety of colors and styles in which strand woven bamboo flooring is available.

Top row (from left to right) 1) burgundy 2) cocoa 3) rustic

Middle row (from left to right) 1) carbonized vertical 2) natural vertical 3) carbonized solid

Bottom row (from left to right) 1) carbonized horizontal 2) natural horizontal 3) tiger

As you can see from the pictures, the horizontal bamboo flooring has thicker planks than the vertical bamboo flooring. This is the definition of flooring type. Vertical bamboo flooring is thinner with no nodes showing, horizontal bamboo flooring is wider with nodes showing. The definition is not to do with whether you lay the planks vertically or horizontally in a room.

The top row are made by Uniclic which has developed a patented click lock system that means their products can be installed without glue.

There seems to be no difference in strength and durability between vertical and horizontal strand woven bamboo flooring, it is therefore up to your personal preference as to which way you like your flooring.

When choosing a style of strand woven bamboo flooring it is worth bearing in mind that the process that produces carbonized bamboo reduces the strength of the material by 30%. Natural is strongest.


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