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Allergies and Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

A recent study has shown that 55% of Americans suffer from one or more allergies.  That is incredible. Of these allergy sufferers only 2% have food allergies. This means the majority of people suffer from hay fever symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing and irritated eyes caused by three main causes: pollen, dust mite excretion, animal danders and mold.

For many years people wrongly believed that allergic reactions were primarily caused by pollen in the spring and summer. Two facts contradict this theory. One, people in developing countries that are often subjected to higher pollen counts have only a fraction of the allergy sufferers per capita that developed countries have. And two, people in the developed world spend 90% of life indoors.

This points to the fact that mold, animal danders and dust mite excretion are vital to the well being of allergy sufferers and also people who suffer from asthma. As for animal danders the simple solution is to not have a pet. Even if you do not have a pet it might be the case with rented accommodation that the last tenants did. In which case you should consider bringing in professional cleaners to remove all danders.

As for dust mites, they thrive in furniture, bedding and carpets. You can’t really do without bedding or furniture but you can certainly rip up your carpet. The perfect solution is strand woven bamboo flooring. Strand woven bamboo flooring is dust mite free. There is no place for dust mites to live. All you have to do is clean your strand woven bamboo floor twice a week with a dust mop or vacuum with soft brush attachment to remove any dust build up.

Further more strand woven bamboo flooring is mold resistant. Not having mold spores in the air reduces the likelihood of an allergy attack.

Thus, for all those millions of people out there who suffer from hay fever, asthma and allergies should consider installing strand woven bamboo flooring to reduce the number of allergy triggers in their indoor environment.


Antibacterial Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo has a ‘kun’ substance that naturally fights off pathogens and pests when it is growing. This means bamboo can be grown organically.

This ability to fight pathogens in living bamboo has been shown to remain in bamboo after it has been cut and turned into other products.

There has been extensive testing of bamboo fabric for its antibacterial properties. Several studies have shown that bamboo fabrics have resisted various bacterial strains that have been introduced. It appears that the anti-fungal agent in living bamboo causes some remarkable properties to appear in bamboo made products. Already there is a great deal of talk of bamboo fabrics being used in hospitals. Bamboo fabric socks have been most effective in helping cure people of athletes foot.

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