This blog is all about strand woven bamboo floorings. The aim of the site is to give as much information on the subject of strand woven bamboo as possible.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It reaches maturity in 4 to 6 years, unlike harwoods such as teak, pine and oak which take between 60 to 120 years to reach maturity. The rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate – one estimate puts the rainforest clearance at 1.5 acres per second. At this rate the rainforests will completely disappear in 40 years.

These facts make it obvious that we should do two things:

  • Focus on forestry management. Put resources into programs to create sustainable forestry businesses around the world. The Forest Stewardship Council is attempting this.
  • Try to reduce our use of hardwoods to the absolute minimum.

Bamboo can help with this second objective. Not only is it fast growing but it is also strong and durable and has a wood like grain to it that makes it attractive like hardwood. The hardest and most environmentally friendly type of bamboo flooring is strand woven bamboo flooring because there is no waste involved in the process of turning the bamboo into strand woven bamboo.

Other key points to consider about bamboo and its suitability as an alternative to hardwood are:

  • Bamboo doesn’t need to be planted. It puts out new roots by itself
  • Bamboo contains a ‘kun’ substance that naturally fights pathogens and pests. This means bamboo can easily be grown organically without the use of pesticides.
  • Bamboo cultivation does not drain the soil of nutrients and nitrogen.
  • Bamboo has an extensive root system that holds soil together and helps prevent top soil erosion and landslides in the rainy season in Asian countries.
  • Bamboo cleans the soil of toxins.
  • Bamboo is extremely flexible and can survive strong storms.
  • Bamboo is an extremely useful resource for local inhabitants. Not only is a a quick growing cash crop but also bamboo is a useful material for building houses, making furniture, making paper and making fabric. Furthermore, bamboo shoots are a good source of nutrition.

Considering all the benefits to be gained from using bamboo as opposed to hardwood for flooring it is wrong to consider strand woven bamboo flooring as a fad or a trend. Far from it. Bamboo flooring is here to stay. As hardwood becomes rarer and more expensive so more and more people will start to turn to strand woven bamboo flooring. It is just as strong and attractive as oak and pine and yet it is often half the price and unlike oak and pine it is made from a renewable resource.


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