Humidity and Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Check with your dealer carefully about suitable humidity levels for your strand woven bamboo flooring. Humidity is the amount of water vapor that is in the air. It is measured in two ways. One as absolute humidity (the amount of water in grams that one cubic meter of air holds) and relative humidity (the percentage of the absolute humidity). Thus, at 15 degrees centigrade the absolute humidity is 30.4 grams of water per cubic meter. At 50% relative humidity that means the air contains 15.2 grams of water per cubic meter.

So it is pointless a dealer saying you should keep the humidity between 30% and 60%. Unless, the dealer lives just down the road from you and you share the same weather this figure means very little. Ask for the absolute humidity that the relative humidity quoted is referring. The difference in absolute humidity as temperatures increase is a lot.

Check out this humidity/climate table.

The science is not too complicated. As air warms up the more energy it contains and the more water vapor it can keep moving and not condensing. However, if the temperature drops then the dew point is reached and much of the water vapor condenses into water.

Water is bad for your strand woven bamboo flooring  because the bamboo absorbs the water and swells. Eventually the strand woven bamboo flooring will swell beyond the gaps left by the spacers when you laid the flooring and the flooring will be damaged. In such a case all the damaged planks have to be replaced. Conversely, if there isn’t enough water in the air then strand woven bamboo dries out and shrinks causing cracking. Again, the damaged planks will have to be replaced.

Normally, in temperate climatic zones humidity is not such a problem. If you live in a really hot and sweaty climate then all wood furniture, fittings and flooring are at risk over the course of time. To prevent humidity building up in a room you can either turn on the air-conditioner (which sucks out all the humid air) or you can run a dehumidifier to dry the air.

Again it is best to consult the manufacturer or dealer about the humidity where you live and the necessary precautions you should take to maintain your strand woven bamboo flooring.


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