Antibacterial Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo has a ‘kun’ substance that naturally fights off pathogens and pests when it is growing. This means bamboo can be grown organically.

This ability to fight pathogens in living bamboo has been shown to remain in bamboo after it has been cut and turned into other products.

There has been extensive testing of bamboo fabric for its antibacterial properties. Several studies have shown that bamboo fabrics have resisted various bacterial strains that have been introduced. It appears that the anti-fungal agent in living bamboo causes some remarkable properties to appear in bamboo made products. Already there is a great deal of talk of bamboo fabrics being used in hospitals. Bamboo fabric socks have been most effective in helping cure people of athletes foot.

For strand woven bamboo flooring this means the flooring is naturally antiseptic and allergen free. Hardwoods are also usually allergen free but never can claim to be antiseptic. This makes strand woven bamboo flooring perfect for people with allergies and susceptible to illness.


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