Companies with Environmental Certification

Despite bamboo being able to grow fast and being able to be grown without pesticides, the bamboo world industry is not without it share of environmental problems.

Bamboo is growing in popularity around the world as a material to not only make flooring but also furniture, kitchen ware and other consumer products. Many livelihoods, particularly in South East and East Asia are connected to the burgeoning bamboo industry.

This has inevitably led to unsound environmental practices such as cut clearing and the heavy use of pesticides. In many areas vast swathes of forest has been cleared by farmers to grow bamboo. This monoculture farming is destroying the natural habitat of many animals and destroying the balance of eco-systems. Soil erosion is occurring. Soil is becoming higher in toxicity. Water sources are being polluted.

The only way to effectively stop this eco-wrecking behaviour by farmers is to exercise discretion as a consumer. In other words don’t just buy the cheapest strand woven bamboo flooring you can find. Rather buy the cheapest strand woven bamboo flooring you can find with environmental certification. The accrediting body is the FSC or Forest Stewardship Council. They are a world wide body with a strict set of conditions that must be met before a farm can be given accreditation. They are involved in projects around the world to create forests which are properly managed and used in a sustainable manner.

Companies that I have found that sell strand woven bamboo flooring and have FSC accreditation are:


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